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Khichuri: The ultimate daily dose of Dhaka khichuri that you need in your life. Starting from your lifestyle needs to the fashion heeds, the food you eat, the gig that kicks – all about Dhaka and the life in this beautiful concrete city!
Tags: Lifestyle, Fashion, Dhaka Life

Misfits: You probably don’t know them but we are sure you should – all the new and upcoming legends in the making. Read their stories to know their lives and the noise they make all around you!
Tags: Interview, Upcoming Artists, Movie stars

Echo Chamber: The all-so-colossal minefield. If you are looking for unique perception, a good analysis, a witty feedback or a striking criticism – we got you right here!
Tags: Op-Ed, Analysis, Series, Critique, Politics, News, Social Issues

Green Passport: Take a look at our contributors’ travelogue as they leave not only a footstep, but a part of them all around the globe. This portal shall also house location reviews and witty tips on budget trips – lookie lookie for the enthusiasts!
Tags: Reviews, Preparation, Tips

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