Travel tips: Things to Keep in Mind When Packing a Bag

Not everyone is a travel addict but who does not like to visit new places and gather new experiences? Most people do and those who are not an experienced traveler, sometimes they face embarrassing situations due to some common mistakes and carelessness.

Here are some useful tips that would help you to be aware of this sort of situations and will ensure you a safe travelling.

Don’t forget the slippers!

People never forget to take matching dresses and accessories while travelling, but what about shoes? Never forget to pack a pair of back-up slippers in your luggage. You do not know whether it is going to rain or your shoe is just going to betray you in the middle of the journey! Back-up slippers would not take much space in your luggage but will save you from such odd situations.

A list can save you worries

Make a list of things you need to carry then pack accordingly so that you might add or remove things from your list and have a clean track on which stuffs you are going to pack.

Pack light

Try to make your luggage as small as possible. It is rather comfortable to move and easy to carry. If you are going for a big vacation, pack clothing that is easy to wash.

Carry a converter

Keep a converter with you always. Whether you are using charger for phone or camera or laptop, it will save you from a hectic search for suitable plugs.

A happy stomach means a happy traveler

Most people take medicines for the way, but what if you take the precaution that will prevent you from causing any stomach sickness and will help you to adjust with new food in the new environment. Yes, a very effective solution is to take small bottle of honey, wrap it with a plastic pack carefully so that in any case licking of honey might not spread in your other staffs. Every morning take a spoonful honey; mix it with a cup of mild warm water and drink it in empty stomach. This will prevent you from gastric problem, stomach ache and to some extent it will purify your blood and thus you will not fall ill in the new environment.

Small items

Do not waste your spaces in packing extra accessories (especially girls) that you are hardly going to use! In case of packing shampoo, sunblock lotion or sanitizer, it would be better to use small bottle rather carrying the whole. Pocket knife, scissor, band-aid, Savlon and small cotton balls are really useful stuff, especially when you aim to travel, not to visit any relative’s house.

Keep the cash safe

If you are taking cash money with you, you better not keep the whole in one place. It is always best to keep it with yourself, and always better to be aware.

Snacks for the roads

Keep some dry foods with you for stocking. Remember, when you plan to travel always think of back up options first because you are never sure whether you are going to get any help from anyone or not.

Copy the important documents

Be careful about where you put your important documents like tickets, ID card, passport or license. If possible try to carry photocopy of each document and store them all together in a file and keep them close to your access. Luggage is taken away from you during travel i.e. planes, buses, etc. It is better to not place the file in your luggage, but place it in your carry-ons.


Last of all, situations may arise in any time; have enough confidence to ask for help and keep your cool. Panic never brings out any solution rather patience does.These are very basic but keeping these things on your mind will save you from stumbling into such situations that are rather not welcoming!