Getaway in Your Weekends: Have A Funky Trip!

They say life is short and we must live it to the fullest. They say go travel the world. But honestly things aren’t as easily done as said. This piece of writing is about the 3 day trip to Cox’s Bazaar that you might be missing out on; take my advice and go for that long awaited vacation.

While 90% people of this country have visited Cox’s bazaar at least once in their lifetime, have you ever hunted down a vendor who sells Fanush two hours before your bus leaves? Well I guess not. From a last minute decision to successful trip. Our first independent trip was not bad at all. It might not be easy for three girls to travel alone in this country but it isn’t that hard either. And here I must mention how the people, police and guards of that region were extremely polite and helpful to us.

3 Girls in Cox Bazar beach

To be honest, trips are about the people you go with and fulfilling their dreams. They are about visiting that place you keep on thinking about while doing over time on those weekdays. Or finally making time for the scribbles at the end of your textbook. Get out there, call your friends and go buy that tickets. Instead of a sleep over, spend the night outside Dhaka.


The uncountable stars you get to see while listening to unheard songs while on a bus are what give you Goosebumps and make you appreciate the world. Make those sleepless nights and those unwatched films or missed events totally worth it. While people might think that the longest beach in the world is overrated. It really isn’t. Water splashing on your feet has an unexplainably soothing feeling to it. A trip which has two of the craziest people I know in them are meant to be memorable. Especially when you have to explain to someone, that even though it is the same beach, each part has its own name and not very beach is called ‘Kolatoli’. Inside jokes apart. This was a great trip.


To add more to the excitement of the sea, this place also offers various water sports now. I personally did paragliding. Which I must say, was amazing! The Calm and quiet feeling which comes over a person while being that high up above the ground is unimaginable. For people wanting to visit the sea any time soon. You must take full advantage of the place.

You can visit any place inside Bangladesh with even the smallest budget. The basic costs are of food and transportation. The sea is free for all.