8 Destinations to Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Lamia Mohsin

Lover of angsty, melodramatic creations. Has a gummy bear fetish, and is a thalassophile.a.k.a, lover of seas

There are times when a retreat from the manic hubbub of city life is not just a need, but a silent, relentless craving of a body and soul deprived of tranquility.  Getaways from the bizarre, chaotic world of synthetic sentiments and artifice aren’t simply outbursts of the nuances of misanthropy existing within each of us-there are times when we genuinely loathe the companionship of certain individuals. Reeling from a heart-break?  Struggling with the wounds of betrayal?  Lamenting over a wasteland of lost love?  Be it spiritual healing or emotional cleansing, a sabbatical is exactly what we need at times like these.  Though a complete disengagement from this all too familiar jam-packed world for a few days is not a permanent solution, a bit of self-searching can help straighten some of our priorities in life.  So pack your bags and unleash the globetrotter avatar  because it’s time to surrender to those long pent up childhood wanderlusts.

The given list compiles 8 cities scattered across the globe, and trust me when I say this, ALL of them are worth visiting at least once, in a lifetime. As the sage St. Augustine mused, ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’.  Wise words indeed.

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Kashmir, India


In Mughal emperor Jahangir’s words’ If paradise is anywhere on earth, it is here, in Kashmir,’  Cradled amidst the snow-capped, majestic Himalayas, panoramic Kashmir is situated in Northern India, also known as Himachal Pradesh. Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, beautiful gardens and of course  the pristine Dal lake in Srinagar, the summer capital- the city is bejeweled with wonderful  natural splendors, and the sheer picture perfectness makes it an ideal tourist destination. Spend a night in one of the houseboats caressing the crystalline waters of the Dal, and you are sure to witness heaven on earth. For the adrenaline junkie, Gulmarg houses India’s highest cable car and a skiing range.

 Venice, Italy


A dream destination likely to occupy the top spot of any honeymoon couple’s list, the famed city of ‘Venezia’, also known as the ‘City of Water’ is crisscrossed by a network of Adriatic canals, and is a world-renowned heritage site. With a spectacular combination of architecture and art, ancient Venetian edifices stand strong against the tides of time. The ornate ‘gondolas’ or river barges are the only means of transportation and are classic symbols of Italian aristocracy, with plush velvet seats and Persian rugs. A Mecca for those with a penchant for art and history

Marrakech, Morocco


Epitomizing the exotic aura of the Middle East, Marrakech the Andalusian monarchy  widely known for its 11th century architecture  is also a bastion of ‘Sufism’ or mysticism, and houses numerous shrines, tombs , mosques and royal palaces as well. The enthralling combination of pulsating ‘bazars’ , vibrant, energetic night-life and delectable Middle eastern cuisines-sounds irresistible doesn’t it?

Thessaloniki, Greece


If you’ve been an avid reader of Greek myths and tragedies in childhood like the writer, this is the place to be. There’s no need to rave on about how spellbinding  every part of Greece is but Thessaloniki here, being the hub of social, economic and cultural activities, demands to be highlighted. Teeming with Byzantine and Ottoman structures, the city boasts quite a few number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and is also known to host an international film festival every year, as well as being a patron of the theatre culture. A shopaholic would be ecstatic to discover Greece’s most expensive and exclusive shopping streets located here. Thanks to a multicultural youth population Thessaloniki was ranked amongst the world’s  ‘ultimate party cities’

Istanbul, Turkey


The name of one the world’s most celebrated cities  is more than enough to pique anyone’s interest. Straddling the east to the west, the Bosphorus Strait runs straight through Istanbul. Adorned with Byzantine, Ottoman and Turk history, Istanbul’s famous landmark, the Hagia Sofia, or Blue Mosque attracts around 3.3 million visitors annually.  A bit of trivia for diehard soccer fans -Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic stadium hosted the 2005 UEFA champion’s league Final between Liverpool and AC Milan, still widely heralded as a legendary match.   Kebabs are gastronomic treats you wouldn’t want to miss while in Turkey, and for the sweet tooth, Turkish delights will indeed  elevate you to cloud 9.

Gstaad, Switzerland

gstaad_promenade_by_night (1)  

We love their hand-crafted watches and delectable chocolates, and visiting the country itself will give you all the more reason to expand the soft corner . Home to the largest ski areas in the Alps, the picturesque ‘village’ is lined with numerous shops, luxury hotels, art galleries. The hiking trail and the fresh, clean mountain air attract thousands of tourists every year, including bigwig celebrities. Who knows, you might even bump into your favorite film star on a lazy stroll down the cobbled streets!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dancing to the beats of ‘Samba’ at the Copacabana beach, will be a rejuvenating  experience if you’re willing to let go of the inhibitions. Under the watchful eyes of Christ the Redeemer, Rio continues to thrive as the third most populated city in the world, sustaining high growth rates over the decade. Football aficionado or not the Maracana Stadium which hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup final is a must visit.

Paris, France


This city needs no introduction. Hailed as world’s most romantic destinations, the epicenter of Renaissance has everything to offer.  You could try unraveling Monalisa’s mysterious smile at the Louvre, marvel at the Gustave Eiffel’s  towering creation and admire the historic Notre Dame, or relish a spoonful of ‘foie gras’, the legendary French appetizer. Art galleries and museums galore in Monets and Renoirs will invoke the artist inside you and if you’re lucky enough maybe a whirlwind romance in Paris will make it all the more memorable.

There you go folks. 8 destinations. Countless memories. You. Because to travel is to live.

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