Top 3 Exquisite Dhaka Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss

If you think you had enough of daal, chaal and biriyani; step out of the box and give your taste buds the relish of good food. Let the sensation of flavor pierce your mouth! If you want a taste of a little heaven, these are the top three restaurants that should be in your “Must Go” list.

Stop worrying about the calories for once, because whoever said it, said it right “Make the tummy happy, make the person happiest!” So if it implies to you too, it’s time to earn some delicious points.

Thai Emerald:


Crab Black Pepper

None of us can deny knowing the taste of Thai food. Growing up, you have been in a Thai restaurant for at least 6-8 times. Don’t get bored yet! How about let’s stick to the cuisine but try something extraordinary? And in order to get the extraordinary taste of authentic Thai, Thai Emerald is a must try! 4.1 out of 5 rating and 618 reviews, on their official Facebook page, make Thai Emerald one of the most visited food places in Dhaka, right now. So what’s so good about Thai Emeralds? Did you ever try their Crab Black Pepper? If yes, then now you definitely know what is actually so good about them. Just note it, the must try list includes, Chicken with Basil leaf and Prawn with Garlic & Pepper; if you have a sweet tooth go for their Coconut ice-cream served with delicious sticky rice

Izumi Japanese Kitchen:

私は寿司が好き (Watashi wa sushi ga suki)! What, what? This means “I love Sushi”, and if you really do; then you definitely know where to go! Without a doubt Izumi is your place of choice. With a 4.1 rating out of 5 and almost a 1,000 reviews, on their official Facebook page, Izumi has crawled up its way to the top restaurants in Dhaka City. The texture, the taste and the presentation of their dishes has won hearts of the people, let alone hospitality and their supreme service.


Though a little expensive, it’s Salmon Sashimi and Tuna TempuraMaki Rolls are talked about the most in FoodBank. Japanese chefs state sashimi to be the deluxe dish in Japanese formal dining and recommend that it should be eaten before other strong flavors. Izumi’s Sashimi, definitely serves the statement because, it of course is a deluxe.

The Tuna Tempura Maki Rolls are among the chef’s special dishes. It is colorful and tasty, at the same time. It just doesn’t please your eyes, but gives full contentment of taste to your taste buds.

Peda Ting Ting:

peda ting ting

 It is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Dhaka City. What makes it so special is its breathtaking ambience. & not just the wonderful food; its environment has also played a major role in making it one of the most visited restaurants in Dhaka. Boneless Chicken Breast Served with Green Chili Sauce & Salad is their most ordered dish. Imagine yourself, sitting under the moonlight, refreshing your mind under the stars and on top some great taste in your mouth, does it feel beyond amazing? Then Peda Ting Ting is where you can turn your imagination into reality. Although the FoodBank displays mixed reviews about the restaurant, but you never know if you have never tasted it.


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