6 Bangladeshi Memes You Should Know

We Bangladeshis love to log in to Facebook and explore like there is no tomorrow. With great internet access come great memes – the social media population seems to have adopted this ideology. Although some of them will make you chuckle, they will eventually make you realize that you are either a horrible person or that you have been spending a lot of time in front of the computer and probably should get some fresh air, and a life.

Nevertheless, being the humorous bunch of people we are in Dhaka Insider, we compiled a list of popular icons that have been creating a virtual shitstorm in the Internet lately

Hasan Masood

He is a former captain of the Bangladesh Army and a journalist at The Daily Star. However, none of these credentials are responsible for his fame in the meme world. He is famous for – you guessed it right – his complexion.

hasan masood

In a society where a person’s skin tone decides his attractiveness, Hasan Masood’s complexion has not only been ridiculed in memes, but also in various natoks. No matter how funny it seems, a person just does not have any control over the physical attributes he is born with. So we should feel bad about it and stop.

Although, that particular one where he turns fair thanks to Fair n Lovely was hilarious. It’s alright, I have dark complexion as well. It’s not rude when one kalo persona makes fun of another kalo person.

Abul Hayat

Our favourite Abul Hayat is back in the limelight again – this time not as a guy in a tie and suit trying to sell us water pipes or a lovable father, but a man with not-safe-for-work yet handy advices.

abul hayat

Do Google for more images, I was told this website is PG 13.

 Mosharraf Karim

Mosharraf Karim memes are probably the most irritating ones you will find in the comments section of humour pages. Not only are they written in different Bangla dialects, they are extremely lame and not funny at all. I mean I cannot even start to explain how utterly worthless and irritating they are. They are so bad, that memes are made making fun of the Mosharraf Karim memes. Guess it is Memeception here.

mosharof karim


Probably one of the most well-known faces in Dhaliwood, Dipjol makes occasional appearances in memes when he is not poot-ingor poking holes in kolshis. Tailor made to be the greatest villain Bangla cinema has witnessed till date, Dipjol memes are funny. You do not even have to read the text, the mere look of Dipjol would make you roll on the floor.


See what I mean?

 Tamim Iqbal

The man is probably the most popular nephew of the country. Notorious for getting dismissed within minutes in the crease, he has been accused of intentionally getting out, so he could return back to the kitchen to save his Maggie Noodles (because Maggi needs only 2minutes to get cooked; and no, I did not get paid to mention it here).


However, his recent performance in the field has resulted in the number of memes shared to decrease drastically. RIP Tamim Memes.



Internet has always been responsible for making stupid people famous. Xunaed Al Imdad is the perfect example. After posting a video of himself beating up a friend to save the honour of the girl he loves, who has a boyfriend (I know….this does not make any sense whatsoever), he became a household name within hours. With memes, dubsmash tracks, dubstep remixes and even cameos in Marvel and DC movies, he instantly became Meme of the Year 2016. Although currently in police custody, this juvenile celebrity’s fate is yet to be decided.