Authority Remains Silent While Gaza Burns

amiri20121118134740623Undoubtedly the issue of Palestine is the most burning topic throughout the world but the matter of utter astonishment is the authority who can actually control this horror is still silent.

“Peace and Security” comes as  the first agenda of United Nations and then come Development, Human rights, Humanitarian affairs and at last, International law. All  these five agenda are being violated in the case of Palestine, but they are just keeping their mouth shut! Even when we all are demanding and sometimes begging to to take some steps to stop Israel from committing this genocide, power-holders happen to just keep their eyes shut from the situation and even the media is broadcasting biased news.

Their partiality and biased mentality towards Israel could be clearly seen through the news they are updating time to time. BBC’s official page shared “Three Israelis have been  ‘KILLED’ by rocket fire from Gaza while 13 Palestinians have ‘DIED’ in Israeli air strikes since in killed a Hamas Chief yesterday.”

How tactically they chose the word “KILLED” to indicate Gaza’s one rocket fire and when hundreds of missiles are thrown at Gaza’s innocent civilians, they just “DIE”.

Even, in the official page of UNICEF, they never shared the true level of brutality and horror that’s happening in Gaza, rather they shared a very defined and filtered news that actually covers nothing.

One of the civilian shared the true terror going on in the Gaza city while chatting with his Bangladeshi pal. He mentioned “in every minutes there is a missile or bomb”. How helpless he was when he asked just to pray and post their condition on Facebook. Why? because they know, there are no one to help them. So the only one way remains, to pray and to share.

We know, we can do nothing but express our helplessness, frustration, agony and hatred towards Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and every other country that are supporting Israel by being silent. But still, some people have contacted with Palestine Embassy in Bangladesh and they have confirmed that they are taking aids for Gaza. So anyone who is interested in helping those innocent people suffering from their worst nightmare, contact here :

Embassy of the State of Palestine
CES (C) #4, Road #118, Gulshan Model Town, Dhaka.
Telephone: 9893895-6, Fax: 8823517

You could also deposit directly into their bank account. The details are:

Embassy of the State of Palestine
Standard chartered Bank
Gulshan branch
A/c number –  05-1095404-01