Plastic and Rain: Fashionable Plastic Sandals for Rainy Season

With all the rain in Dhaka city and Bangladesh Plastic sandals seem like a wise choice if not  a fashion statement. I myself have bought about 6 of them each of a different color. Plastic let’s people experiment as it is a very flexible material and that is exactly what people are doing. From Transparent to multicolor, the amount of verity some of the brands are providing is amazing.


These sandals are perfect for the rain, mud and for anyone planning to do a lot of walking. You don’t need an entire week for your sandals to dry out. Trust me I know the pain! Wearing a leather sandal or shoe in this weather is a huge struggle specially when it won’t dry out!!Maybe you have 10 different pairs but on the 11th day you will realize you’re your leather shoe has started to inhabit a weird fungus on it thanks to the wet and damp conditions of our city. While it’s raining almost every day it is a sensible decision to go for plastic sandals. They also come in a lot of colors. And huge price range to choose from starting from good brands selling at 3000- 1000, Big Brands such and Bata and Apex are diving into making it easier for you to work during this season. While the generous people of New market and Farmgate, where you get almost get everything and anything within the range of 10 to 1000, are selling normal plastic flip flops for only 150, You can buy one color or all of the colors and match with whatever attire you choose for the day.

.Plus the other good side of using them is. They don’t tear easily. So rest assured that you won’t have to find a “Muchi” (Cobbler) in the middle of running to and fro work. This is applicable if you are working women in the middle of Dhaka city and you don’t have a car. A torn sandal is a disaster you never want to encounter!