'Prelude to a Monsoon Evening’ An Exhibition Held by Bengal Gallery

Are you scared of going to an exhibition? Are they too boring for you? Or maybe too intellectual and your common answer to friends suggesting to visit a gallery is “I don’t get art!!!” Well you should start now and maybe with this amazing exhibition of Ferdousy Priyabhashini’s Sculptures. Blending nature art and awesomeness is what this exhibition is all about. She might be of a higher age group but when it comes to making things look super awesome this artist knows what she is doing.


Photograph By: Kamrul Nahied

Being one the most prominent Faces of the Bangladeshi Art Culture Priyabhashini is famous for the amount of sophistication she brings into the daily stories of nature and life through her sculptures. Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts has been recently hosting Ferdous Priyabhashinis three week long solo exhibition titled ‘Prelude to a Monsoon Evening’ .The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by environmentalist Enamul Haque, artist Rokeya Sultana and thespian Jayanto Chattopadhyay on the 7th of August. Exhibiting 81 sculptures in total the show is a treat for the mind and eye. While you can Google her work and read about all the awards she won ,a firsthand experience can only be gathered by seeing the artists work in a gallery with the right kind of music and perfectly lit lights complimenting the art works. So do visit Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts in Dhanmondhi 27 before 22 August , which is the closing date of the show.


Photograph By: Kamrul Nahied