Joler Gaan: Representing The Soul of Bangladeshi Folk

Joler Gaan has taken live concert to a whole new height in Bangladesh. Their concerts are set up in unique and new ways. With origami’s and glass beads hanging from the sky and a magical essence of light, watching the scenario is quite mesmerizing on its own. And when they start playing, honestly, you won’t be able to sit straight. Watching them is a treat for the eye as they enjoy their own music immensely. As the audience you will be able to connect with the love and respect they have for their music and instrument.


They talk about nature and emotions; they make you feel like you live under the sky instead of living in buildings. Joler Gaan Concerts take place almost every month and at the starting of every season. My suggestion about Joler Gaan would be that you must hear them live. The way they interact with the audience is something you cannot get at home.It’s a totally different experience. Listening to them in the comfort of your own home is very different from what you experience in their live concert. The carefree and down to earth mannerisms of the members are refreshing and humbling.

The band uses instruments made by themselves. Joler Gaan consists of eight members in total now. Rahul Anand and Kanak Aditya are both the lyricists, composers and the vocals of the band. Dr. Sheuly is the violinist of the band. Shyamal is one of the Band’s percussionists. He plays the Dhol as well. ABS Xem’s guitar and vocal are both in action with the band. Aseer Plays the totaban or for better understanding the double bass. Saiful Journal plays a variety of instruments to keep up the tempo and add a little enchantment to the music; he too acts as a vocal at times.


They have released two Albums till date and A Gaaner Khata which consists of both the Albums and a booklet with all the lyrics written on it. They make very limited copies which are sold in Deshal and Jatra.

The Best venues to listen to Joler gaan are Bokultola, Shilpokala Academy and Chayanaut. These places Compliment their Music. Bokultala is decorated in a new way for each concert, and the lights are set up according to each performance. You also have enough space to dance in Bokul tala, just saying. Chayanaut and Shilpakal Academy will make you experience the power of their music and put you in a trance of its own.

When fans were asked about their favorite song, most of them answered that it is very hard to choose only one as all of them are equally amazing. Among the most popular songs of Joler Gaan are Amon Jodi hoto, Dure thaka Megh and Jhora Pata.Other songs like Bokul ful , Andhar Raat and Patar Gaan are also very popular among the crowds.