How People Choose Their Movies – A Google Explanation

What influences a movie lover to watch a movie? It is never a simple inquiry to respond in due order for a movie lover. The factors that influence are never easy to assume and even the movie lovers are not aware of these always. Google made a research along with Millward Brown, a research organization to determine the vital factors that snatch moviegoer’s attention. The research was conducted in 2013 on 68% Americans and Canadians which is an enormous 228.7 million people. Their results reflect the brilliant facts on movie content, genre, cast, plot, soundtrack, ratings, and show time.

The trailers that hit the web before the authority arrival of the motion picture make a key effect on moviegoer’s personality. Prior to that, the study shows four out of five moviegoers go to YouTube to look for some video evidences of the movie. Their video searches certainly start with the official trailer and the trailer can create three times greater impact than any other source according to the study. Star Wars:  The Force of Awakens has got the most open week plays of 2014 gives us some clue how movie bystanders are going to treat this after the release.


The enthusiasm rises to the peak with the trailer release nevertheless movie related contents are searched on YouTube in different time locations. Viewers have no end of interest as they keep researching by their own on YouTube. They keep watching movie related contents on YouTube by genre even after the release of the movie. Movies such as Inception, The Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter series are some of the most often content searched movies. Usually there is a jump in views when a movie is released. Meanwhile, they are at a great spoiler-risk while doing this before the release.


Before going to a cinema only 30% moviegoers are certain which movie they are actually going to watch. Rest considers more than one movie to see before taking their final decision. There are few key factors among the genres that influence moviegoers most.  To illustrate, they took at the director name for an action movie, cast for a comedy movie, plot for a drama movie and interestingly convenient show time for a horror movie to make up their mind.