Dawn of the Dead (1978): By George A. Romero- The Father of Apocalyptic Horror!

“Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.”

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”- Karl Marx

“Dawn of the Dead” is the “Star Wars” of apocalyptic horror cinema. It is philosophic, exciting, powerful, gory, enchanting, disturbing, critical and what not!


It’s the film a master director longs for creating. It is a witty,thoughtful,shocking and simultaneously entertaining film. What a remarkable achievement,perhaps the finest,by George A. Romero!

George A. Romero

The film lurks on the horror of being attacked by human flesh eating zombies in spite of what safety measures you take . With that bewildering horror in vessel it constantly remarks subtle and powerful questions about our capitalist nature, the American Dream, the ennui and horror inside the heart of human being itself on deeper surface.

The film has the greatness of a classic Novel. You might deny but that won’t make any difference buddy, it is what it is! A true and honest film with heart and courage,numbness and sensitivity, darkness and identical horror of being a greedy,mindless,imprisoned living flesh in this hungry society. Aren’t we the “ZOMBIES” fighting with each other, making profits in War and rat-race?


The ultimate question arrive when a bunch of raiders attack the protagonists in the mall. Who are the zombies? Those already dead things who are mindless? Or, those living beings, full of blood , flesh, organs and full of jealousy, greed, ego, lust, want and who are mindless enough that constantly denying the fact that horror is just out of the fake safety doors? Just out of the doors… Next time, just think about the film before dancing to the pop beats like a crazy monkey or before buying just everything in a store. Where is the Armageddon? Everyone lurking in this earth is ugly and horrifying. The only exception is perhaps the baby in the womb.

The film is a pure enchanting experience with excellent craftsmanship by makeup artist Tom Savini(who also served as a memorable actor!), the Actors, the production team and the ultimate hero- George A. Ramero- the father of apocalyptic horror!