Editors’ Word

If you are thinking we are all about Dhaka and a bit about Bangladesh, then you stepped right into the trap. Don’t worry, though. I did too when I first got in!

Dhaka Insider IS all about Dhaka and a lot about Bangladesh – events, news, issues, lifestyle, food, health, security, education and whatever encompasses the society in and around you. We live in multi-faceted communities where every human being walking around has a story to tell, and we ask you to shed a light through your experience, knowledge or your opinion; Dhaka Insider is all about the Bangladeshi you – the Dhaka-ite you – and the analysis of issues going in and around.

While we pledge to host your finest opinion with fervent dedication, all we ask from you in return is an honest and a very unique take on whatever you choose to write about. We have journals and websites filled with the same content and public nonchalance to voice out something new. Take this as an evolutionary call, if you may. We welcome your fresh and constructive minds to contribute and engage in a content minefield we are trying to perfect each and every hardworking day of our lives, with new ideas and newer means of engagement.