7 Lessons From Futurama

Set in the year 3000, Futurama is the story of one Philip J. Fry, as he struggles to cope with a dead-end job in a not-so-familiar world; a world which is even stranger that Donald Trump’s America, yet a hilarious parody of the past. With Zoidberg, Leela, Bender and co, Fry’s journey with The Planet Express delivery service makes up for the best plot. This following will explore 7 major lessons the wonderful show has enlightened the human race with.

1. The lonely, misunderstood and awkward ones have hearts of gold

Zoidberg – the naïve doctor at the Planet Express with zero idea about human anatomy. He mostly mooches off free meals from Fry and Co. and lives off in a dumpster. Although he is not accepted by the crew members, Dr. Zoidberg lives with the delusion that he is well regarded by everyone. However, he is one of the most kindest and innocent Earthling (although he is actually an alien) since he himself is usually deprived of care and nurture. This is perfectly illustrated when Zoidberg tries to save his cheating robot bestfriend Bender from an angry mob, despite the robot’s constant stream of nonchalance and ignorance directed at him.

Zoidberg cares.

Be like Zoidberg.

2. Accept the past. You cannot undo it

futurama 2
You must not interfere with the past. Don’t do something that rips through history. There’s a reason, be it God’s will or natural balance, why certain things happen. For example, if you go to the past and assassinate Roosevelt, it would be a major blow to the Allies and who knows; maybe the Axis would have won. We would be writing this article in Japanese…..or worse, German. Not cool at all, Herr Reader. So the bottomline is: Things happen for a reason, you don’t have to know why. Just let it be, and move on. Better things are waiting. Or not..

3. Some things are better left unknown

slurmFry and the Slurm Factory is a hilarious parody of (yes, you guessed it right!) – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Slurm is a soft drink in the Futurama universe which is very popular and addictive. Just like that fateful day when you realized the secret behind crunchy alu puris is the oil it is fried in (hint: it rhymes with measles), our hero Fry discovers the secret ingredient behind his favorite drink, Slurm. The .gif is quite an impressive indication of what Slurm actually is. Boy it was a doozy.

4. Don’t judge a book by its cover

leelaThe one-eyed, bossy captain of the Planet Express Turanga Leela is the badass example of an achiever. She is efficient, hard-working and does everything it takes to get the job done. However, we see glimpses of a different Leela that she often keeps so carefully hidden. Leela is the perfect example of how we human beings are more like coconuts than monkeys – hard on the outside but softer in the inside.

5. It’s never too late to follow your dreams

hermesLimbo – a sport that requires years of training and conditioning of the body. Yes, I know, the description does not, in any way, match with Hermes Conrad – the pot-bellied, pudgy and short-tempered bureaucrat. Hermes is the last person you would expect to be into sports. So it came as a great surprise when we learned about Hermes, the Olympic gold medalist in Limbo. Hermes Conrad has been portrayed as the iconic Limbo superstar who inspired millions with his Limbo skills. Such is the fame that a little kid outside the Olympics stadium tried to Limbo as low as the Conrad and got injured; subsequently, injuring the driving passion in Hermes’ heart which forced him to quit. Years after he gave up his passion, he embraces the fact that you can take a man out of Limbo, but you cannot take the Limbo out of a man.

6. Family is family

One of the main reasons why Fry is so comfortable in a new world, with bizarre inventions and customs, is the fact that he felt invisible in his own time. With a brother who competed with him in everything (you know how the typical sibling rivalry goes) and a mother to whom a football match was more important than her own baby – it is of no surprise that Fry is comfortable with the fact that he won’t see his loved ones again.

However, as the series progresses, we get to see glimpses of how his mother dreamt of him every night since he disappeared; how his brother went the extra mile and named his own son in honor of his brother (check out the episode: The Luck of the Fryish), who went on to achieve great things, and carry the legacy of his Uncle Fry. This episode solidifies how families are not always well-knit and tight, but nothing beats the warmth of being in one and the loss of a family member is incomparable and indescribable.

Instances such as these will make you realize that the love of family is omnipresent. We might take it for granted, but that is what defines the person we are.

7. You don’t need words to express your love

In my opinion, the one episode that will strike you right in the feel is the one with Fry’s dog, Seymour, who waited 12 years (until his own demise) for Fry to return home. Seymour is the perfect example of how we are so busy loving others most of the time, that we forget the ones who love us.