Passion for Food : A Growing New Culture in Dhaka City


Food is always considered as one of the basic needs of human being; so how can food or more precisely “consuming foods” can be turned out as a trend ?

Well, as a matter of fact nowadays, this culture of being a food lover  or being a “Foodie” is becoming a trend in Dhaka-life! If you think that the term “Foodie” is for those who devote themselves in glutton day and night and gains a pound in each day then you are wrong. Foodies are rather a distinct hobbyist group who has appreciation for culinary art, ardent interest in taste of various foods and passion for eating. Food is concerned as a Foodie’s hobby. A Foodie always seeks for new foods to taste and experience rather eating out of convenience or hunger.

Even sometimes growing passion for foods compelled many people to become professionals in this field. There are many popular food blogger, food critiques, and it has been observed that in these days people becoming chef are not choosing this field in need, rather for their love and passion for food. Food has turned into a practice of culture, a trend to follow and another field of artistic value. And, this practice is gradually making a very popular place through worldwide.

After all, more or less, everyone admires culinary arts, visibly delicious in taste and apparently mouth-watering fragrance. Eventually it is creating a great opportunity in business  and job sector too.

dhaka foodies logoDhaka is not far behind and practicing this following trend in full gear! Breaking out the traditional legendary Siddika Kabir’s Recipe book, people are taking risks to taste new dishes. Food fests are getting more popular and people are responding greatly as well. Even, for the food lovers in Dhaka, there is an online community for foodies known as Dhaka foodies  (facebook page) where you can review or comment or just share your experience on particular food and post pictures and help other foodies to know it better. Besides, you can find other people’s review or suggestion on foods helpful too!  Recently Dhaka foodies has launched a successful Food Fest named “Burger and Biriyani Fest 2014” in Gulshan and the fest had a huge response from the locals. You can also check their new website out here:

hungry naki logoAnd for the foodies, there is another great option with Bangladesh’s 1st Premium Online Food Ordering & Delivery site named “Hungry naki” where you can just register and chose your favorite dish from the menu and receive it within half an hour! You can pay the cash on delivery. Forgot to bring lunch to office? Don’t worry, just log on to Hungry naki and order in your favorite items.

New restaurants and cafes like The cart company, Gerge’s cafe, Tarka, Coffee Republic have created quite a buzz among the foodies of Dhaka. While new restaurants opening up very frequently in Banani, Gulshan , Dhanmondi and Uttara ( basically all over Dhaka ) the most recent trend which is up and kicking is the Food carts. WOW burger, awesome burger these names are already pretty popular and why not? can you find anything bad in the concept of a roadside cart with lots of different kinds of burgers? Nobody can!

If you are a foodie, no worries, from pure arabic  style foods ( Attin – Banani ) and  Turkish kebab ( Turkish Doner Kebab – Banani) to Shushi ( Samdado – Gulshan -2), now you can try items from all around the world in this city.

So the foodies of Dhaka, if you are so passionate about food and want to nourish your aptitude for culinary arts you should not remain behind. Come forward, taste new foods, get experienced, write on it, share it to the world and if you love cooking, please do not bother about the typical society! Be a proud chef and spread your love for food through the world!