8 Tips for Freelance Portrait Artists

Dealing with clients over the span of 3 years and after drawing more than 50 faces ,this is what I have learned .

Good Quality picture


Ask for a Good Quality Picture! If they don’t have one Make sure to ask for more than three pictures for better reference. It can be really hard to draw someone you have never seen before.

Know your Skills

Ask for the appropriate price. Know your own value. If you are a beginner don’t go overboard but try to get more clients so that you can practice more. Client dealing skills improve over time.



The customer is not always right. But be open to what they are trying to say. Listen.

Stick to your commitments

Don’t promise dates that you can’t meet. Evaluate before saying YES to every commission work.

Client perspective matters


Be ready for criticism. Criticism is needed to grow and look at yourself from different perspective

You are not PHOTOSHOP!

When a client says “I look fat in the reference picture I gave you, could you make me look slimmer?” .ABORT MISSION!!! You are not using Photoshop here. Once you make her or him look thinner they are not going to look like themselves.

Go the extra mile!

Get personal. Get to know the person; you are not selling a product. You are selling an artwork. To draw a face right you need to know the person.

Be there!

Hand over the drawing yourself. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the Facial expression, a satisfied Client has.